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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what did you just call me?

TOE BAGS.  Not to be confused with Ho-Bag.  Two things, related only by sound.
Here is how I imagine the chorus would go.
Welllll,     i wouldn't stick my toe inna Ho-bag,
but to keep 'em warm,
i'd stick'em in some toe bags
give 'em a try o why would i lie.
So yeah, toe bags for riding, I'd say I'm a big fan.  I've been struggling with foot warmth while riding for many years now.   I discovered these little plastic beauties a few years back.  My toe covers were blown out from walking on them, and I needed a solution stat.  Well low-and-behold after some pontificating, I reached into our ever-overflowing cabinet of plastic bags and containers that we "might need for something" and pulled out a pair of toe sized sacks.  I quickly chewed and swallowed my words about not being able to throw anything away, they didn't taste that good.  I compiled a list of features of the piggy warmers in my mind as I examined them.  Thin, light, cheap, replaceable, recyclable, wind blocking, and the crowning part of the whole toe baggie system, is sometimes you have to finish the yummy contents of the bag in order to use it.  My personal favorite is the pre-ride peanut butter filled malt balls.

  I've been experimenting with the temperature range of these guys.  I just finished a road/dirt ride in 39 degree temps and went double bag.  I stomped around in some snow for a while, getting my heel a little damp, but my toe digits were fine and dandy, even on the downhill over 30mph.  I'm usually pretty happy down to aboot 32 degrees with the double.  Single bag, you might want it to be closer to 50 degrees.  Again they are super thin, so doubling up doesn't cramp your toes style.  And since they are inside your shoes, you don't have to worry about trashing them when you walk around.  You can usually find them in the bulk section of foods at you preferred local market.  I've also seen them on the road at truck-stops/convenience stores.   Give them a shot and hopefully you'll have happy foot digits.

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