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Monday, January 17, 2011

and also of note

Today winter has finally loosened it's death-grip on Moab and I was able to get out for a pedal.  It felt mighty nice being able to ride outside without old-man-winter's cold stinky breath blasting icicles at me.  I've been cursing the weather for a solid three weeks and searching for my inner-Belgian.  I'm pretty sure my inner-Belgian would rather be pissed drunk on some dark ales, but I've managed to drag him on a few roller sessions. 
But we all know riding outside is much better on your constitution.  And today it allowed me to test drive a couple of new pieces of gear.

Woolistic makes bitchin' old school wool jerseys that, to date, I have been at a loss to find anything negative to say other than purchasing one will make your wallet very sad.  Let us look past the price tag for a moment.   First off, this little beauty is made of wool.  Wool is a natural fiber, it's warm(even when wet), and it doesn't stink after six rides.  And, wool doesn't feel like plastic.  Now let's get to the aesthetics.  I know what you are saying,  jeesums that thing is yelloooo.  Yes it is, but look in the middle.  There it is in big ole letters "WOLF".  Now I ask you, what would instill fear into your fiercest competitor like the word WOLF in their face set on a blood-red background.  Yep, that red stripe ended up on your jersey when you and your new-found fangs were out eviscerating the competition.  And you see those two axes on the sleeve(also drenched in blood), that's just to finish them off and turn their bikes into a piles of mangled carbon.  Let's face it, this jersey is both stylish and menacing.  And to be quite honest, I hope I never do a ride where another person is wearing the WOLF, because things could get quite ugly.
Last up is my new cap.  I made it myself from a pattern I found on the inter-web.  I chopped up a scarf I paid a buck for at the thrift shop, and used a kleenex box for the brim.  It fits real nice, keeps my noggin' warm and it don't look half bad.

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