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Monday, January 31, 2011

diggin' it

Things have a way of fouling up perfectly good days-like poop water percolating up through your driveway.   So the past couple of days have been devoted to curing a rather stinky problem.

A grand amount of shoveling has taken place in the last few days.  I'm sorry to report that it was not to build and sculpt a pump track on the back forty.  It was the mere excavation and filling in of the busted poop-pipe. 

Good times, I tell you.  But not to let the real world outdo the wheel world, I got out for a little pedal out to Bar M and around.   It was a beautimus day to be out, even though it wasn't sunny and perfect.
The bike path is melted off nicely as well as most of Bar M.  It's still a little soft though, and the single-track definitely needs some time.  All in all, it totally kicks ass that I was able to get out today and not turn into a poopsicle.

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