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Friday, January 14, 2011

Jan 14th Cycling History

A couple of birthday birthdays to start us off.
Gert-Jan Theunisse is a Dutch rider born Jan. 14, 1963. In his most notable performance, he took the King of the Mountains jersey in the 1989 Tour de France.  Nicely done GJ!

Next up is not a cyclist(that I know of), but deserves mad props for keeping our heads noddin' while riding.  LL Cool J was born James Todd Smith on Jan. 14, 1968.  After figuring out that all the ladies wanted to break themselves off some James,  he came up with Ladies Love Cool James, or LL Cool J.  Slick!  I'm sure LL probably has some kind of bike in his garage, like maybe a sick lowrider!

And last we have an excerpt from a book I just stumbled across.  Wheels within wheels: The Makings of a Traveller by Dervla Murphy seems like it has potential.  From what I can gather it's the accounts of Dervla growing up and exploring on her bike at a very young age.  I found many books authored by her about her travels, and several were about travel by bike.  I think her work is worth a deeper look.
And now the excerpt.
Jan 14, 1963 - On her tenth birthday, Devla Murphy was presented with a bicycle and an atlas; she determined to cycle from Ireland to India. Twenty-one years later she found herself free to carry out her dream. Mounted upon an Armstrong Cadet man's bicycle named Rozinante, nicknamed Roz, she set out on January 14, 1963 to cross a wintry Europe. She recalls this part of her Journey in an introductory chapter , devotes the others to the diary of her odyssey in Persia, Afghanistan

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