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Friday, February 4, 2011

the right path

I sat through a meeting that lasted 1.5-2 hours long last night.  I had flashbacks of my childhood, seemingly trapped in church every Sunday.  Sandwiched in between my family on an uncomfortable church pew, the meetings with the almighty seemed to last this long.  From this seemed torture rose my sunday mantra, "I'd rather be riding my bike and thinking about Jesus, than sitting in church thinking about riding."  A good friend told his wife this, and it seemed like a good thing to pass on to my mom.  It's amazing what people will do to get out of meetings.

But last night was an important meeting so I put on my big boy pants.   The city has been working with some urban planners and folks in the community to come up with a vision for the future.  About a hundred people showed up for last nights meeting and around seventy people the previous night.  The planners are trying to get feedback from the community to find out what direction to take Moab.  I found there was quite the diversity of folks there, as we perused the topics to be covered.  One of the main reasons I was attending was the topic of bike paths/lanes/trails.  We had a decent local bike contingency there to represent in case we had to break out the pumps and u-locks to knock some sense into people.  Luckily, and actually to my surprise, when it came down to pedal/pedestrian safety the majority was in favor. 
I'm glad I got alerted to this meeting and look forward to seeing Moab become more bike friendly.  Not just in the winter when no one is around.  I was a bit bummed to see such a small show of actual bikes- only six including myself.  Although it was cold from the bowels of old man winter, hovering maybe in the high single digits.  Cold enough for EO to really regret not wearing gloves.  Dumbarse. 

Only in Moab would you see a "shuttle bitch" hat at a city meeting!  Golden.

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