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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

church of the sweet ride

My better half believes that in winter I don't have enough social interaction.  So I decided to attend church this past Sunday.  Thanks to Tyson and his social networking savvy, there was a strong attendance at church this week.   There was a short blessing of the bikes and Whit unveiled his "smoothie-cycle" to the public.  I missed all this because I wanted to ride out the trail-head, but I think our total count ended up being eighteen strong.  It felt a little weird for me at first, because I haven't been on a mountain bike in a while, but I was digging it.  Amasa Back was a great choice because everyone got to go their own pace and their were plenty of rad breakspots.

At one of those breakspots, a classic Moab introduction (and possibly the highlight of the ride for me), took place.  Angela Carter looks at me and says "Tim, (pause) I know you."  Then, before she could utter another word, I blurted out "Angela, (pause)  I know you too."  A couple of people started laughing and we exclaimed, "only in Moab." 
  Overall the weather was pretty generous to our congregation.   It was a bit windy, but the sun did peek it's head out a few times and threw some heat our way.  I was just psyched to pedal outside and mingle with folks I don't get to see every day. 
I had to peel off early to get the four-legged zombies out for some playtime.  But I can guarantee you I'll be back for more Sunday service.

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  1. Tim, I love your writing style. Thanks for blogging.